Monday, March 15, 2010


Ok so I always liked LLOYD BANKS....Ok I never bought the album. But of course Miss New Ish always gets the singles. Juelz is my dude he always gets a nice clubb banger....I'm still making it whistle and popping champagne everytime I hit New York.. I do realize that some rappers hit espescially hard in their boroughs. So as this guy who hates me says....."You be on your New York BULLISH" .....But it's not true silly ass. I'm on my ATL Bullish, and when Freeway, Beans, and the Roots drop I'm on my Philly Bullish, And when everytime I mess with Lil Brother I'm on my North Cakalacki ish....AND I am New Orleans so I am the epitome of that Gumbo Ish...Anywho Right now check out that new LLOYD and Juelz.... They have a mixtape out....How they linked is beyond me but I like the combo!

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