Friday, August 13, 2010

Bilal is coming back!!!!!!!! (plus a look at 88 keys)

Bomshell: Bilal is one of those artist that is so damn talented that things happen in the shuffle of marketing. Interscope actually shelved his last album complaining that they didnt know how to market it. This is sad, we really are at the disposal of the label that owns us... (sadface)....
I await his return.
My dear friend Winston hit me with a banging ass mixtape of a collection of Bilal songs.
This one was on it.. This is actually on the album that I adore by 88 Keys.
It's called M.I.L.F (live in NYC)

Bomshell: So you have to really know the song to understand that footage... peep the song here... I love it. "The Death of Adam" was a dope as cd about the trials of the existential "Adam".... Or the "man"... It is funny, true and poignant. Cop the album Listen to the words.....

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