Monday, August 2, 2010

TEA: Wiz Khalifa... Joe Budden's Mood Muzic 4

Bomshell: Tea is that Wiz Khalifa has signed a deal with Atlantic Records. We should expect an album early this year. sessh.... I have my Backwoods on deck!!
Bomshell: So you peeped Zaytoven right.... That's one of the dopest producers ever.. Got on him through countless Gucci Mixtapes... (before he took the golds out)...

Bomshell: Joe Budden just released the artwork for Mood Muzic 4... Joe Budden has had a tumultuous career that includes ups and downs in the game. Personally, I never tapped into him besides the fact I listened to Mood Muzic 2. However, people have argued me that Joey is a great rapper and the 3 installments of Mood Muzic proves that. I mean..Sluaghterhouse was pretty dope.... I mean.... Tea is they are signing with Eminem... I'll keep you posted.

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