Thursday, April 15, 2010


This dude always drops the knowledge. He is one of the guys that you see back in the day and he is that steady rock when it comes to the beats, ethics, and hip hop honesty while still adapting to the current climate. I think the thing I respect about Premo is the fact that he never seems afraid to tell the truth even if it isn't pretty.. He stays true to himself. All the way down to the performances. i was in ATL at D'Jangos waiting for him to perform.....he gets on the mic and says hold up...."Let me unhook all this sh*t." He was talking about Serato....LMAO... He gets his albums out turntables side by side and spins all the hits he has ever produced... Day, Pamela and I rocked and rapped all night.. That is one of the best nights of my life until this day.

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