Friday, May 14, 2010

KAY SLAY GOING IN ON JAY ELECTRONICA...... drama king better fall back.....

too proud to beg for change mastering the pain

when new york niggas were calling southern rappers lame,

but then jacking our slang

These are the imortal words that I kept pressing replay over and over whenI first downloaded exzibit c by Jay Electronica.. I remember running that part back when I first played it on the Power Mix @ 5 pm (when I held it down) because of the truth of the verse. I got an opportunity to meet Jay E when he came did that concert for Traffic Boutique (my manz Crack Tracks).... I asked him "Jay, Do people feel some kinda way that you said that seeing as though the are playing your sh*t on hot 97 and sh*t"
Jay Electronica replied to me standing outside on Lee Circle... "the only poeple who worry about that line is n*ggas from New York, they are the only ones who get salty, outside of that n*ggas love it"

Months later Dj KAY SLAY decides to TWEET this
This jay electronica dude gettin real disrespectful towards Newyork niggas these days.. if he hates us so f—n’ much why does he rap like us.”) KAy Slay

This is what my dude Jay Electronica had to say in response....

Audio: Jay Electronica Responds To DJ Kay Slay s Comments About Him On Twitter. Says N!ggas Be Acting Like Women! Gives His Address Out!

(uptmost respect for speaking the truth and repping New Orleans like a real man from the Magnolia Project who had rap skills and gained his respect is supposed to.... Likw my dude Souljah slim said "Keep thinking that because I'm from Uptown that I love stuntin"


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