Monday, May 10, 2010


So yesterday on the Tea Show I reported and played a clip of Puff Daddy (I still say puff) denouncing the rumors that he had now become Nicki Minaj's manager.
However I'm starting to think that he is a pie logger due to the fact that it has been confirmed that Nicki has fired her manager Deb Atney who is also Wacka Flocka's Mom.... Also sources say that Gucci Mane has also Fired Deb as well as dismantling the label "So Icey" that they co-partnered.... He is now starting Brick Squad 1017 and bringing Wacka Flocka to that label as well....LOL.... TEA....
This is a video interview that Hip-Hop Live did with Deb Atney and she is going off!!! She said the lies about her booking shows while gucci was in jail are false, and sh not beefing with Gucci cause that is her nephew!!! And she loves nicki..... hmnn Now thats tea....

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